The rag is not mine !!!


Calvary greetings to you all In Jesus Mighty Name, amen.

The topic this time around is: The rag is not mine.
What is rag?
Rag is anything one has which supposed to be giving the owner joy but rather making one sad because of the bad state.
Examples are: clothes, car, house, job etc. Others are deriving joy & satisfaction from it but one is not happy at it. God wants us the children to prosper in: health, wealth & happiness.
If there is anything short of this, we should reject the item, condition or the circumstance. - God created all things; - He has power to use it the way He likes; - His will and desire is to give good gift to His children. He has power to change our raiment however bad the state night be. There is power in acceptance and rejection.
Let us accept the best and reject whatever is bad in prayer with faith. God bless you all.
You must give testimony in Jesus name, amen


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