You are not lame (Rise up and Walk)

YOU ARE NOT A LAME PERSON Acts of the Apostles 3:1-8 ------------------------- 
Who is a lame person? -

  1. Someone crawling . 
  2. Some stagnant. 
  3. Someone being carried about. 
All the above in other hands means - 
  1. Someone of little or no achievements after much struggle.
  2.  An overdue bachelor/spinster. 
  3. Married but no child -
  4. Well read with certificates but no good job or jobless. -
  5. One of age but no landed property or a house of his own. 
To cut it short, he/she is alive but just watching achievers and begging to survive from his mates who have achieved and are still recording great achievements. 

The lame man in Acts 3 didn't end it up as a lame, you too will not die with your dreams and vision in Jesus name, amen. 

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- Pastor Abel 'Segun Asubiaro 
G.O. - C.A.P.A. Worldwide.

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