The Word and prayer session- Your Foundation (With Prayers against Hereditary Problems)

 Hello viewers and listeners,

our topic this moment is "FOUNDATION"

otherwise known as Beginning.

The effect is not noticed but highly important.

The Bible says

 "If the foundations are  destroyed, what can the righteous do?"  (KJV).

So many atrocities (devilish) things have been committed by the devil and his agents during the beginning of individuals unknowingly to the victims.

A good example is what happens on a native naming day when the unconscious baby will be attacked fettishly and the effect will start driving his/her live henceforth.

That is why deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ is highly essential hence this message for Knowledge (Word) and Prayer (warfare)

View and listen.

Receive your Victory in Jesus name, amen.

- Pastor 'Segun Asubiaro. (Calvary)


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