How to overcome worry (Part 1)

We must remember that worrying is choosing not to trust God. It reveals lack of faith and it makes us to forget that God loves us and He is in full control.
We therefore suppose not to  worry ; instead, we should trust in God, giving ourselves to Him for safekeeping.

When you dwell on your problems, anxiety comes in but if you concentrate on God and His goodness, worry disappear.
We need to understand how harmful worry can become in our lives.

It may:
  • Damage your health.
  • Makes you not to think aright
  • Disrupts your productivity
  • Negatively affects the way you behave
  • Anxiety in a man weighs him down but a good word makes him glad. (Proverbs 12:25)
  • It reduces your ability to trust in God.
One reader asked me the difference between worry and genuine concern?
Here is the answer for all to grasp : 

Worry immobilizes, distracts and paralyses but genuine concern moves you to positive action.
  • Worry chokes the word of God and good ideas in us 

  • We overcome worry and anxiety by remembering  and trusting God's promises  (Exodus 14 vs 1-14)
  • Do not worry about anything but pray about everything and expect your miracle. 

  • The worry loses it's grip on the victim as he focuses on the greatness of God as He is greater than our greatest problems.

Remain blessed in Jesus name, amen.


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